Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Musing #11--Eye Roll

Husband gets this look when he's super frustrated with me. Or thinks what I'm saying is stupid. It's not quite an eye roll, but it can't really be called anything else. 
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I called him on it today. Said without emotion, 'Thanks for that eye roll. Sure appreciate it.' He didn't like that. 
I wish sometimes before we hit that moment when the switch flips and he rolls his eyes at me and I turn into a BRAT that I could say something along the lines of, 'what you just said implies ________ about me. I'm dealing with ___________ with your family. There is a correlation between the two, so if you wouldn't mind to change it up, I feel incredibly crush-like-bug-ged by that one statement that I'm sure you didn't mean to throw heartlessly in my face, but alas...Here I'm am feeling like you took a bunch of needles to my happy yellow balloon of a day. So maybe you could clarify what you just said. Or if you really meant it like it sounded...PREPARE FOR BATTLE!' Or something along those lines. Instead, I replied in a way that made sense in my head, but I'm sure was out of the blue for him...enter eye roll....which always makes me feel:
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So I had hoped to report goodness today--I tried really hard to be blunt when things throughout the day triggered something (things=in-laws), but was careful about it. So I laid it all out there, and it went well. *throw confetti everyone* Alas, the day still ends with me feeling like that...huh. Go figure.

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