Saturday, January 9, 2016

Musing #3--In-Laws

In-Laws. The thought of any or all of them...or the word makes me hyperventilate.
Well as my luck would have it, we just so happen to be living with some in-laws. And of all twists of help them out for a short amount of time. It's a weird complicated mess, but I had hoped coming into it all that things between us could become less awful. My intentions were good in the beginning...5 months ago. But as the story unraveled, it became clear that I was the villain, the end. No questions, comments, defense, etc allowed.
Living here has put quite the strain on Husband and I. Now he sees his family with different eyes. The lies and drama being heaped on and about me is absurd, and no longer something made up in my mind. He is being treated poorly because he wont 'put me in my place.' So it is obvious to me that the Wife could use the protection and support she's been asking for (for years) and yet, with everything...he still goes to his roots.
Here is my musing. The more someone is around someone, the more they rub off on them right? So why in almost 10 years of marriage does he not believe what I have been telling him, (especially now that he sees it). But in just short of 5 months he starts to see me more clearly through their eyes...and I now have to defend myself to him as well. Do roots run deeper than marriage? If so, I don't know if I can deal with that. 


  1. Hi! I had to come visit your blog because of your post on Little Red Survivor. I have narcissistic inlaws, too. Your opening line on this post absolutely gripped me because I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN. We had to live with my inlaws for four months six years ago during the recession. My husband worked for his dad at the time, there was no money coming in, we were completely at their mercy, and they despise me. That was the beginning of my husband's turn around as well. He'd defended me TO them for years, but was constantly on my case to "try harder" with them, even though he claimed it wasn't my fault. To this day, the mere mention of them makes me panicky and sick to my stomach. I understand, sister! I understand!

    1. This! This comment is spot on, it's like you are reading my mind! To be completely at the mercy of narcissistic in-laws. I can think of only one place that could come close to that...and it's not heaven!