Sunday, January 10, 2016

Musing #4--Carrots

So...Without sharing too much personal detail, I'm a redhead. If you are, or know a redhead. This explains a lot. If not, watch Anne of Green Gables.
Many will empathize now with my husband. He's got his work cut out for him doesn't he. A redhead? I mean...whew. Even a 'mild' one...Is there such a thing?
Today was pretty chill. There are usually many calm days after a storm...because you know if I'm unhappy with you...See GIF above. (If the sound doesn't work...he calls her 'Carrots' right before he tugs her braid...head smashing deserved!)
My musing for today--Is it better to be silent about things for a couple days until it settles or to get it out and have it consistently turned against me to be my fault?
Also, why did we go to paper...slamming paper over someone's head is not nearly as satisfying.

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