Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Musing #6--Lemons

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Well we cycled back to defensive mode. Major. Then with a 5 minute phone call our lives flipped upside down. Husband lost his job. 
In moments and times like these couples are either torn farther apart with fighting and stress (understandably so...holy whack-a-moly talk about stressful), or drawn together. We are the latter. We work together to solve the problem and figure it out. 
Bonus! We find a job...we get out of the in-laws with a get out of jail free card...They can't question why we are leaving sooner than our agreed upon-to-help-them-out date. We are no longer in a flexible position to help. BOO-YAH!
Another bonus, we don't have a mortgage or utilities to stress about while figuring out our next step. 
As we sat staring at each other dumbfounded over this...he was an integral part of those inner cogs in the company, I felt peace. Like I haven't in our marriage for a long time. 
We would figure it out. We would figure it out together, And we'd break out the sugar like we always have when life throws lemons at us. 
It just took something real happening to show how petty and unreal all the obnoxious things were. And we were going to get out of the toxic situation we were in with a GREAT excuse! 

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