Friday, January 22, 2016

Musing #8--To share or not to share

I came across another article that I really enjoyed. It talked about both sides of the issue, but it was written by a man who gets it (albeit a moment later than I think he wanted to). 
Now after the massive issue the last article I shared with Husband caused (It's what started this whole blog...musing about that confrontation and being so confused, I needed to write things down to keep it all straight.) do I share this one with him? It is written by a man after all...that makes a difference to a man right? 
The title is "She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes By The Sink" You know it's going to be good with a title like that! (No, but really. It's quite insightful into the psyche of the male--one who is insightful of the wife...)

Just because I'm a glutton for punishment and argument apparently, I'll share it. Stay tuned for the monster truck rally it'll cause. But mostly because maybe, maybe, this will be the thing that clicks. That opens conversation for both of us to really talk and hear...without me coming across as a nag or a hag or need a gag...or him jumping automatically to thinking a statement about our car smelling like gasoline we got for a generator has something to do with his family and my issues with them...
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Anyway. So that's why I'll share it. Yes, it will probably blow up. And we'll argue about it. Why? I have absolutely know idea, but it will bring up something from the past that I did or didn't do right and that will be awesome and I'll probably strike back to defend myself. But I can always hope. Because if I don't...why even try? Why not divorce now and save us all the trouble? (Because...I don't give up...not yet at least...An amazing marriage is in here somewhere.)
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  1. Oh man! I remember these days. While my husband may have defended me TO his family, he hyper-defended them to me, so I always thought he was on their side (no matter how many times he said he was one mine). I was so careful about what I said about them, but it didn't matter. He would get so angry at me. I stopped even commenting on his comments or anger toward them, because he would turn on me if I did. :(

    1. It's one of those scenarios that I think is hard to understand unless you've been in it. Trying to explain it sounds so petty. I appreciate you commenting, and the feeling that someone knows what it's like. There's something so uplifting in that for me--just to know I'm not alone. (How cheesy did that sound? Sorry... :) )

  2. That's the thing! Not cheesy at all because I GET IT! :)