Saturday, January 9, 2016

Musing #1--Divorce

The Huffington Post sited the average length of marriage to be 8.8 years. I'm headed toward year 10 this summer, so my 'middlywed' statement I feel is ok. To my parents, who celebrate their 50th next year, I am just a young grasshopper, but considering the many who don't make it this far...I am wise and experienced. Eh...not really...maybe my shoe just got caught in the stirrup and I can't actually fall off. 
I think that's where this blog begins. I don't want to become part of this statistic, and I'm trying, really hard to figure out how not to. So this is my blog. My musings, if you will, of my married life and me trying to figure out if hanging on and hanging in there is worth it and if I can be my parents someday. 
Lets start with Husband. He's a wonderful person. He's kind and generous. A great dad and a hard worker, etc, etc, etc. Hey, where'd that white steed come from? 
Diving right in, I found an article that I loved. It was moving and exciting and expressed so many things of how I felt to near perfection, way better that I could have...or had over the years. I gave it to him excitedly to read. He did--me practically falling out of my seat with excitement that he could 'get me' after many years of me bumbling over explanations. When he's done he says I have to 'nag'...again. Or maybe prod is a better term, just to find out what he thinks. With his thoroughly negative answer I realized, he doesn't get all. And he wouldn't really try to see my point of view. Just kept saying "that makes no sense" in different ways. As if by doing so I would all of a sudden realize how stupid I've been all these years.  
Which led to a mild argument, where he again brought up something from the past and again claimed to not want to live in the past...which led to me wondering, yet again; WHAT THE HECK THEN WHY'D YOU BRING IT UP? And also, how can this person so exactly not see me
That is my musing for today. 

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