Thursday, September 1, 2016

Musing#12 It's been awhile...

I tell you what, that was one heck of a ride. And I feel a bit like this:
Image result for bad wind blown hair
It's too much to pack into one punch, but condensed version: Husband got a new job, we moved, things got so bad that in-laws don't know where we are and we plan to keep it that way, and we're off to marriage counselling.

So...I guess we're feeling pretty optimistic about things, because we bought a house. Mostly because rent is psychotically high, but also the kidlets needed a safe place to land after the mess we've been in. And, we're feeling pretty optimistic about things.

It's an ugly house...A mixture of these perhaps.
Image result for ugly house
Image result for ugly house
After more than a couple bidding wars, and feeling nomadic and moochie, we were ready to be settled and start fixing our lives. But, when I walked through, with an overwhelming feeling of 'home' I was kind of bummed that the super cute one I saw earlier wasn't it...

This house needs work. And I guess that's where our whole lives start over.

My blog will still muse about our relationship and hash through our misunderstandings, but with a more positive focus shift (being out of that overly toxic environment) I'll include home updates/projects/massive undertakings (what better way to stay together...or know when to run...then when you are staring each other down with a nail gun or hammer in hand?), recipes, kidlets, crafting, whatever crosses my ever-musing mind.

For instance, I was musing today (after we learned our chimney can't just be has to have some sort of chemical treatment and all sorts of money-eating things done...) That maybe this is good. Our marriage and family was broken, so we move away, new job, new friends, new house...not only that but we have to build our new house to be OUR new house, with almost no extra money, so creativity and elbow grease--look excited about that. It's not going to be pretty (Well the house will be...eventually), but hopefully worth it.

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