Friday, September 2, 2016

Musing #13--Dinner

Mmmm. Food.
Is there anymore that needs to be said?
Except maybe when will fall be here? So that I can crockpot soup, because it is just too hot to eat. Which stinks. Because I love to eat.
I also love to cook. But being in a new house, without all my supplies hasn't been ideal for the home cooked. 
Although I did get a love note from kidlet the other day that said 'dare mom. I love you. I love your hom cooked fod.' So, that kind of lit a fire under my rear to at least make family dinner jump back up in priority, even if it still looks a little something like this:
Image result for chicken nuggets
Can we please put word bubbles on each of these guys? 
I do try to add some salad and fruit or something, but the kidlets keep asking when we can have homemade pizza, or homemade chicken noodle (seriously, she asks for this every time I ask her what she wants for dinner...even in 100 degree weather...), or homemade meatloaf (that one is Husband). 
So in my efforts to rebuild our broken little family. First priority in our ugly little house that feels more like home than anywhere we've lived is the kitchen and built in table (because there is no room anywhere else, and I'm obsessed with built-ins).
Stay tuned for the how-to of a table built in. And for some simple, but tasty recipes. Because as I've sat here musing about all the things that need to be done, I believe nothing is more important than the healing that happens when kidlets and families in general feel safe around a dinner table with tummies getting full. (Whether at dinner time, or breakfast time, or after school/work snack time). Home-cooked or not, it's one of my favorite places to be...Because, I mean...FOOD guys! 

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