Sunday, September 4, 2016

Musing #14--It's a Sign

Different things make a house home to different people. I could list all sorts of things from the people in it to a special teddy bear. For me it's pictures. Pictures of happy memories and the memories that come with looking at the pictures.
We put pictures up on the walls this weekend. 
Image result for throw confetti
(Sidenote: I'm not sure how to give photo credit...if I just google something am I allowed to just use a picture if it has watermarks stating it is obviously not mine?)
Anyway, we got around to our room and I had some art work and a picture and our marriage licence. Husband is an excellent handy-man. Precise (to a fault?) Up to this point everything has been excellent, with only one or two extra holes in walls--but they could be covered up....No biggie. 
He hangs up the marriage licence, turns his back, and it comes crashing down. 
I burst out laughing. 
With a mixture of shy and smug (how is that even possible? Not sure...but that's what it was) he says, 'It must be a sign. But hey look! The frame is totally beat up, but the glass isn't even cracked. We'll make it!'
Ain't that how it goes sometimes. We get totally beat up, but if it ain't cracked...It's worth working with, it's the broken glass that's dangerous and in need of immediate discardal.

(And yes, I used 'ain't' and made up 'discardal' all in one day. Whew.)  

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