Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Musing #15--Kidlets

We are still finding a place for stuff, and putting stuff through the elimination process and it feels great. But my projecting nerve is tingling and going nuts. I have to do something. So, I'll post a very minor project that I did today, only requiring a small, pink tape measure. (It's when the orange one is required that it's a real project). But I saw this on Pinterest (I just signed up for an account, come join me. I need people to follow and connect with, otherwise stuff like this pops up...)
I'd use a smaller version, but like the idea:

I could not stop giggling. Imagine having toilet paper as the center piece of art in your otherwise lovely bathroom. Also, imagine having children...do I need to expound on this? Which roll do you think a child would grab if...IF...they were to only grab one if they needed one. And if...IF they were to responsibly use it for it's intended use, when so much were available to their disposal.

In other child related news, I think I'll refer to my kidlets as Chip and Dale now.

Chip and Dale walk to school collecting these, store them in their cubbies, walk home from school collecting them, walk around to collect them, at random, you should see the pile collecting in our yard.

Yes. They would responsibly take the top roll of toilet paper...

But hey! Fall is coming. And we have a home withwhich to store acorns! (Outside...for real chipmunks...)

Post on stuffie declutter storage coming later...FIRST PROJECT! (Gearing up for demolition of kitchen!...that will be funny when you see how minor this is...cute, but minor)

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