Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Musing #16--Home=Safety

So here's that silly, little project. It's super cute (I think), and it meant a lot to Chip, but it was a 'foofy' project. On to the wall demolition!
(Although, we learned...again...that Husband and I don't think problem solving things through the same. So projecting is really challenging at time, even something suuper simple, like a stuffie hammock. It usually ends up that one person ends up finding a different project to work on so we can project in different rooms and not conflict with each other, Like one hanging a hammock and the other fixing broken curtain rods...soooo...that will need to be figured out because we have pages worth of house projects for us to work through together. In possibly unrelated news tidbits, we are actively looking for a marriage counselor now...not just talking about actively looking for one.)

The hammock!
Starts with something that looks a little like this (Expand this to the whole room):

Break out the trusty measuring tape to make sure your hanging it equally distant from the corner on both sides, and equally distant from the ceiling. (We just used large command hooks)

Attach the foofy hammock-y fabric (we used toole. Frugal tip: get it off the bolt instead of off the spool. It is much less, and much wider.). And also attach it to the back corner, or else everybody swings out of it. What? No. We would not have found this out by letting it happen! Chip's head will be below that at night!

Then fill with the obscene amount of friends and cherished ones that may or may not try to sneak away to Goodwill, but are recognized to be missing before they can get out the door. (And allow enough time for gravity to take it's course before a sleeping head is below it...just to make sure it is secure for sure...see above)

And there you have it. A super simple project that means a whole lot to a little one. 
Making her room feel like hers and expressing her personality in it is going a long way to calm her anxieties that have built over the last year of toxicity, and being surrounded by things she loves makes her feel safe. And that, my friends is the whole goal of "home" wherever it may be, in whatever state it may be in, is a place to feel safe. 

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