Saturday, September 10, 2016

Musing #20--Boiling

We ordered a new rice cooker today. I particularly enjoy calrose rice...and we have been having minute rice, which is great...unless you particularly enjoy calrose...

When I opened the box, this odd little thing was in it. Apparently it is a 'hand boiler.' All the liquid is in the bottom, you hold it in your palm and it goes to the top and it starts bubbling. It's kind of amazing.

It was fascinating though, I could barely get the liquid to the top, and when it finally got there, it was an occasional 'buh-lup.' I handed it to Husband and ALL the liquid shot immediately to the top with a rolling boil. A very physical representation of how very different we are. (Although, with my red hair I'm typically the one with the boiling temper...remember this post before my focus changed?)

We had our moments today of complete and utter frustration and miscommunication. The kind where you just want to pull all your hair out and just yell But, as I've been teaching Dale...deep breaths, then think about what you're trying to communicate, then put it into words (it's harder than I think it is, and if I expect kidlet Dale to do it, I need to as well...).
It'd be a great story if we finally saw eye to eye and understood each other. We didn't. But we moved forward anyway. All the while 'Frank' (what Dale calls the hand boiler) was clear in my mind...about just how different we are. And how so many times situations in our lives have made more sense when we've cooled down, and stopped boiling, and then communicated about what was going on. Life and hindsight and all that.

Anybody else have some cool calming techniques. Dale uses the hand boiler now as his 'cool down' moment. When he's too wound up and out of control, we tell him to go visit Frank. It is really cool. He sits, and watches, and breathes, and then is calm...what? If only I could get it boiling then that could have worked for me today...

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