Sunday, September 11, 2016

Musing #21-- 9/11

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It's difficult for me not muse about 9/11 on September 11?
Was it really 15 years ago? I read that this was the first year that high school freshmen were not born yet and learn about it as 'History.' Woah! But, then again, as I think about it, I was in high school when it happened, so it makes sense.
We took the kidlets to Ground Zero last year. It was getting so toxic in the house that we needed an out. We made a quick weekend trip away. It was an amazing trip, however, it was a rough time for Husband and I, it was before we knew what was going on between us and with his family, but I knew we were spiraling quickly toward divorce, neither one of us handling the attacks well or together. It would be the next month that everything hits the fan (sorry...I hate any version of that phrase, but it's true...our life just kind of exploded). At this point we were just unhappy...really unhappy. We tried to keep it positive for the kids, but they are smart and perceptive, and pick up on body language and tone even if there is a smile on our faces.
But when we got to ground zero, it all faded. For that moment, time stood still, reality hit.  How, in an instant, life can change. Those you love despite differences and disagreements may go to work or school and not come back. As we discussed what the memorial represented to the kidlets I couldn't hold it together. Husband had to take over, and we experienced the teamwork, that connection, that we used to. And our family experienced a shift. It was minor, Almost imperceptible, but it was there. Without it I don't know if we could have withstood what was coming for our family.
This beautiful monument stood as a memorial of all those people and heroes who didn't make it back to their families that day. And the spirit around it was a memorial to me of what I have, and that it's worth fighting for.  

I also posted a video on my facebook page that shows the emotions that you feel as you are at the memorial. It is worth checking out. It is beautiful.

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