Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Musing #23--Thoughtfulness

It was Dale's teacher's birthday yesterday. He woke up extra early today and wrote the most darling card. "Miss _______, I hoqe you had a fun burthday" with a picture of a cake and candles. We happen to have a balloon that was in the shape of the letter of her name from a family event, and he had claimed it...so he attached it to the note and wanted to include his favorite snack. He was so excited to give it to her and wish her well on her day.

In my selfish mindset I thought, 'this is darling, but it isn't enough.' So, I told him we wouldn't take it up to her today and we'd walk to the store after school and get her something more. He was confused, but agreed. And that was the end of it.

We rushed off to school and got there a couple minutes before the bell rang.

As I walked home, my mind drifted to Dale's thoughtful gesture. To wake up early, give his teacher something of his that was important to him, and something he really enjoyed. What more could he give? As a little boy, those things were all he had, and how dare I tell him it wasn't enough and needed to be something more. I felt sick. Righting this couldn't wait.

I came home, put together some of his favorite snacks (fruit roll ups, trail mix, peanut butter crackers, etc), put the balloon in, and took the note up. Waited until they were lining up for recess so it wouldn't be a distraction and pulled him out where I told him this: "I was wrong buddy. You were so thoughtful this morning to wake up early and do something so nice for someone else. I shouldn't have suggested we wait. I am so sorry, and I brought this up so you could give it to your teacher now because it is one of the most thoughtful gifts, and you are such a thoughtful boy."

He squeezed me tight and galloped over to proudly give what he had to his teacher he loves. And proudly announced 'the balloon used to be mine, but I gave it to you.' HA! (I kind of cringed, but hopefully she saw the thoughtfulness in it.)

I was taught a very humbling and very huge lesson, by my very little kid today. It isn't about the quantity, it isn't about the timing (it was a late birthday gift after all), it is all about the thought and the sacrifice and the effort put into things. Making dinner for my family isn't a big deal for me, I love to do it, but when Husband makes dinner for us, it is a BIG deal...he does not cook, and it takes a lot of effort for him to do that service for us. It is not a big deal for my husband to wake up early and play with the kids. It is a BIG deal for me to wake up early and takes caffeine pills to combat my medication. It isn't a big deal for some to give big extravagant gifts, but it is a BIG deal for others to find enough money to purchase a small, thoughtful thing.

I am determined to be more thoughtful. And to see the thoughtfulness in others more. Thanks Dale!

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