Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Musing #25--'Mommy'

I came across this whilst I was going through some files.
It's a poem I wrote when I was overwhelmed being 'mommy.'
Best/hardest thing ever!

My shirt is smeared with peanut butter
My hair? It looks a fright
Some say I may be crazy,
and actually, I might

My teeth, A pinch too fuzzy
Sleep? A pleasure sin
You wonder why I do it
Well here, I'll clue you in

Laughs that light up cities
belted without restraint
Hugs that warm the soul
Revived magic in fingerpaint

Snuggles that smell of vanilla,
Kisses that leave their mark
Chubby little hands, needing
protection in the dark

So yes, I may be tired
Who'm I kidding, I'm wiped out!
But being 'Mommy' is amazing
Best thing ever, no doubt
~Musing Middlywed

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