Monday, September 19, 2016

Musing # 27--Being Sick

Dale amazes me. We were walking home from church and he finds a pine cone. It was a large, perfect, picturesque pine cone. And as his nickname would suggest (Chip and Dale--the chipmunks, because my kidlets gather acorns like they will starve this winter) he collected it and treasured it for the long walk home. As we were nearing the house we passed his friend's house. His friend's mom was outside and Dale hollers to her "Why wasn't [friend] at church?" To which she answers that he was sick. Dale walks up and puts his treasured pine cone on the chair next to where she's standing and (without making eye contact) whispers. "this is for him, so he can feel better." And quickly walks away.

Dale is socially awkward. He grabs at people, and does chicken dances in their faces, and has a hard time making friends. But, once you get passed the awkwardness--and we're working on those quirks--you will not find a more loyal, thoughtful, caring, sensitive soul.

Well, as luck would have it, after a crazy week of long mommy hours, I came down with something pretty nasty too. (My hat is off to single parents, A week of glimpses of Husband, and I get sick. Seriously, respect to those who do it without even those glimpses!) As I'm resting--no voice, and hacking up grossness, and Husband is home (cheers from everyone around--literally) and making dinner with the kids...remember this post, this is no small thing--Dale walks in and lays this note gently on my face. (The gently part is a feat in and of itself for my little friend.) 'hope you feoll betr' and signed with his name.

I love that our family is building stronger bonds together--after our close call with falling completely apart because of the emotional abuse of Husband's family--by being extra aware of the time with each other and trying extra hard to show each other we care. It takes effort and thought, but makes all the difference in being sick and miserable and wallowing in frustration. And being sick and fighting to feel better so that you too can be a part of serving each other, because it's fun, and it is what you want to do, because you love how it lifts each other.

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