Friday, September 23, 2016

Musing #31--The Christian and the Jew

Yesterday some of Husband's old neighbors were in town and we met up for lunch.

These neighbors were second parents to Husband and had boys his same age. Loved him like a son, and accepted him for who he was. And consequently, accepted me immediately because Husband chose me, and they trusted him. And accepted our kids, because they respected us as parents and the good things we try and teach our kids. And we, in a short year, build a beautiful, open relationship. (All things that did not happen with his own parents)

These neighbors and friends are Jewish...*gasp* and Husband's parents have been after them for years and years and years to follow their superior example and join the Christian church in which we all belong. Hounding them to the point of disrespecting their Jewish heritage and beliefs. (Which, Christians have Jewish heritage Understandably there was no open communication about religion or beliefs. And it was all because the Jews were too stubborn. (I hope you can sense my sarcasm and frustration.)

Well we met up for lunch at our friends' request at a place that is dear to us because of our religion. They even asked for a tour, and peppered Husband with questions. (He's much more knowledgeable with the history). And in return they shared wonderfully interesting facts about parts of their religion and beliefs that paralleled, or perhaps dissected ours. It was open, respectful, enlightening, and wonderful.

Now, I am still a Christian. They are still Jews. And we are still friends.

The difference between the years and years of 'missionary work' done by Husband's parents trying to teach these friends about our religion, and what happened yesterday was the expectations behind it all. Husband's parents believe and love their religion, the problem comes when they disrespect anyone who does not believe and love their religion in the EXACT same way that they do. Husband and I believe and love our religion but our expectation was to understand our friends more, and to help them understand us more, still be friends.

It doesn't matter to us what religion or culture you come from. If there is respect for others, lets be friends and learn from each other. That's what we're looking for too. It is not all one way or the other, we all have things to share.


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    1. Thank you Regine. For taking the time to read, and to comment. I just went to your blog. You have quite a story to tell. I'm glad to get to know you. God Bless you as well!