Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Musing #39--Mom Fail

Eh... Major Mom Fail This morning.

Husband and I were up way into the wee hours of the morning making a shelf for my crafting stuff (shh. I'm trying to open an Etsy shop because crafting calms me...but an Etsy shop is scary to me...failure is scary to it's stressing me...and I can't find anything I need when I need it...and that frustrates Husband is trying to make it easier by making an awesome shelf for my stuff. so it can calm me again...because organization calms me...)

The shelf it up and kaulked. I just need to paint it today, and then I'll post our pictures.


We got to bed late...way late. But I still have to take my meds, and they make me sleep, no matter the foolishness of my timing.

Chip walks in, 11 minutes before we are supposed to be out the door claps her hands like Mary Poppins and says, 'time to wake up mom.' (She's such a mini adult :) )

I look at the clock, jump out of bed like a ninja (a drugged, sluggish one...) and hurry and make breakfast and lunches.

My kidlets are amazing and already dressed for picture day. I do Chip's hair while she eats. (Dale's won't be spiky this year...he likes it better that way, so I guess that's fine.) Grab little teacher gifts we had,'s Wednesday...who doesn't like to be surprised with something because it's Wednesday...and run out the door only 8 minutes past when we were supposed to leave.

Made it to school 3 minutes after the main bell, but before the Tardy bell...


Needless today I set another alarm go off every morning.

I'll post pictures of the shelf when it's done. I'm excited...and tired...but mostly excited...and tired.

Progress and projects are therapeutic for me.

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