Thursday, October 13, 2016

Musing #42--Etsy

Well I'm terrified. I opened it. I had a ton of names I loved, but it ended up PiecesoflifeDesigns due to availability. It's kind of a mouthful. We'll see how it sticks, I think the rules are you can change it once or something.

So...I'm kind of excited. Really nervous. I still have a bunch of research to do, but needed to just open it, or it'd never happen. So there are only technically three things in the shop.

I don't know, I'm intimidated by all the amazing things on Etsy. I'm trying not to be, but I totally am.

We'll see how this goes.

I'd be honored if you knew someone who would enjoy these, if you'd direct them my way. I may totally be low-balling the price. I look at Etsy prices and wonder how people buy things on Etsy, but I have no idea. I may sell my first ones and be under after all the fees rack up. We'll see I guess (I hope...because if we see that means I've sold something right?) Ahhh! I'm so nervous!

Here's my little blurb on my coasters:

I decided to open my shop and make these 1) because I love them and use them everywhere and gift them all the time because they can fit anyone's any-room 2) as I heal from years of my husband's parent's psychological abuse I use crafting as an outlet 3) these symbolize a lot for me. They aren't all exactly the same, they aren't all perfectly round, they all have little mistakes, but in the end that is what makes them wonderful to me. They are unique and their pieces make them lovely. And as I craft each one, I remember that, and it heals a tiny part in me. And I would love to share that happiness I've found with you.

Check out my new shop:

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