Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Musing #43--Quick and Easy Asian Stir Fry and Garlic Parmesan Noodles

Goodness gracious life has gotten away from me.

My to do list is miles long, and I complete maybe an eighth of it each day. Chips kidney infection that wiped her out for over a week--poor thing--took it's toll on her and all of our routine. It was around the clock medicine and TLC.

It was rough. I'm not going to lie. Seeing your little one go through so much pain. And wishing you could take it from them.

Don't worry though, I got the chance to feel a fraction of her pain. I mentioned it on facebook. I got the anchor for a tooth implant placed. Holy mackerel...

Anyway, life is speeding by at a painful rate, but we still need to eat.

This is one of my go to recipes. The veggie and sauce part comes in a huge bag from Sam's Club with lots of veggies and two bags of sauce, so we split it into two meals. But the secret is in the garlic Parmesan noodles. I mean how many small boys do you know walk into the kitchen and ask what's for dinner and jump up and down yelling 'YUMMY! YAY!' when the answer is stir fry?  Mine does. A large part is the yummy sauce and variety of veggies, and the other part is the yummy noodles. They are super easy, and adds a whole extra dimension.
So, this is the veggies and sauce. Yum.

I cook up a bit of chicken with fresh ground pepper and some sea salt (I made that pepper mill...kinda cute huh?) Let cook with the lid on to keep the moisture in.

While the chicken is cooking. Start some water boiling with a titch of olive oil and sea salt.

Add the noodles once the water reaches a rolling boil

Then chop up the chicken. It should be pretty tender.

Add half the bag of veggies and stir around. Heat through, but don't 'cook.'

Add the packet of yummy yummy sauce and stir in. Veggies should be cooked until bright in color. As soon as they start turning dark, they are overcooked. The sauce makes this a bit tricky because it turns them a little dark, but you can still tell when they are just right. Don't let them get soggy and overcooked.

It looks really yellow with the sauce, but you can see the brightness still in the carrots especially.

Back to the noodles. Drain water and add a titch more olive oil. Garlic salt, parsley, and parmesan cheese to taste.

Stir and serve with stir fried veggies and chicken. We use these noodles for everything. They are really versatile and so yummy and easy.

Enjoy. I hope life for you is a bit slower in pace than it's been around here. One great thing though, is that the faster pace doesn't give us much time to dwell on the past...we just keep moving forward. We'll have to address stuff at some point, but right now, we just keep going.

Have a beautiful day!
Do you have any go to, quick and easy recipes that you love?