Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Musing #45--No Paper Plates, but Still Thankful

Well we wanted to say thank you to all the main players in our yard clean up. There were so many who came and moved a couple rocks and pulled a few plants and it was amazing, that we could never repay them all. And that was the whole point. Service isn't supposed to be repaid so, some had to suffice with just a 'We are so grateful.' But there were others, who came and gave a large part of their Saturday to us. In a way that I am in awe. And to them, we couldn't even repay...but again...that isn't why they did it. But I wanted to express my appreciation anyway. So, I did what I could do.

I baked.

My mom's cinnamon rolls are generally a massive hit. I haven't ever met anyone who didn't like them. They are sweet enough for the sweet tooth, but not so sweet that those 'non-sugar' people don't like them.

After they were all baked up I realized that we didn't have any paper plates. And I've delivered enough goodies in my life to know that even the most well-meaning of people have the hardest time returning dishes. Life just gets busy for everyone. So, I just don't give out my dishes.

What was I to do? No paper plates, and cinnamon rolls to deliver. It was a Sunday, and as the Lord's day we'll go hiking and enjoy his creations and things like that, but as a general rule as a family we've chosen to not shop on the Lord's day.

Well, we had to get creative. We had cereal boxes. So I lined them, 'fall-i-fied' them, and put the cinnamon rolls in.

(The kidlets like to scramble my HARVEST letters)

I actually think they are cuter and more festive than paper plates.

I am so grateful for the work that was done in the yard. It is such a burden off our minds, and such a jump-start to our spring make-over. Now we just need to save up for some fruit trees! Shade trees! And flowers!

Happy creativity!


  1. This is really fun. I am always losing my dishes to people too! And this is way cuter than getting a plain ol' plate.

    1. Thank you Jennie! They turned out fun. We were really sweating it, until we saw the final product. Husband wasn't a believer until the end. But in the end it all worked out. Thank you for taking the time to read, and follow, and comment. Have a beautiful day!