Thursday, October 27, 2016

Musing #46--SPD/SID

After literally months of bedrest, Dale came two months early. He was a large preemie. But still an itty bitty baby. Now, you'd never guess. He's a tank.

There was something always a little bit off. He walked a bit after what I thought was 'normal.' Talked in a language only I could understand (even Husband needed a translator). And didn't seem to develop at a rate that I thought he should. Everyone, pediatricians included, told me to chill out and be patient. That kids will be kids and develop at their own rate and I needed to let him just figure things out. Especially as a preemie, that he was doing great...just look how healthy he was!

In my gut I knew things were just a titch off. Not majorly, but there was something that wasn't connecting.

Well, the adhd testing is still needing insurance approval, but in the meantime we recently got the official diagnosis of SPD or SID. His was Sensory Integration Disorder but some call it Sensory Processing Disorder.

Basically everything that is so frustrating with him is because of this. All of his social issues, classroom issues, development issues, everything that I get so frustrated and just think 'you are such a bright/thoughtful kid! Why doesn't this tiny thing click for you too!?!' is because of this disorder. It all makes sense. Finally an answer.

There are so many intricate parts to it, but one thing the OT said to explain a large part of it was, 'imagine you put your hand in your pocket. Without looking, you can feel the difference between your chapstick and a rock, and a sticker. He can't do that. His senses don't work like that.'

Here is a really helpful website to explain more about SPD/SID

Nobody wants a disorder for their child. It was difficult having it all laid out in front of me of what he is deficient in to function properly. Luckily, he is still young enough that with proper interventions, we can 'train' him and help his brain learn the things it isn't connecting on right now.

And if he comes back with an adhd diagnosis as well, we'll tackle that when it comes too. But in the meantime, we're going to work on this. He's such a great kid. So thoughtful, so happy, so smart. It's time his peers and teachers and others see it too, and not let a disorder hold him back.

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