Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Remember, it's worth it.

A picture popped up on my personal Facebook newsfeed today. It was of the kidlets the day we drove away from our old house to start our journey that kind of started the unravelling of everything (which then started the excruciating reweaving of our lives).
Their sweet faces were in complete and utter pain and sadness at leaving their home.
I saw that picture and remembered. I remembered how hard it was to leave. I remembered the tears, the long hugs, the love, the sadness, the anxiety. I remembered all the emotions of leaving behind home and going into something I knew would be hard.
Little did I know just how hard.

But then I look at today.
Today was the first day of school.
Exactly two years later.
My kids' faces are full of light. Full of laughter. Full of love.
They literally ran to get to school.

They have great friends, great teachers, a great school, and are happy.

All the pain. All the tears. All the hard. It's worth it.

Pictures and the memories that come along with them that are painful, help me appreciate days like today even more. And help me remember why I'm fighting. It's so worth it.

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