Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Witness Miracles

I sit somewhat helplessly as friends and family in Houston pray fervently for rain to cease. Meanwhile, at the exact moment other friends and family are praying just as hard for rain to come stop the fires that are threatening their mountain homes.

My phone by my side texting for constant updates.

Has the water entered? Do you have power? Are you ok?

Has the fire changed direction? Do you have power? Are you ok?

It's chiming constantly. "What have you heard? Has the rain stopped?" "What have you heard? Have they gotten any rain?"

"Pray for rain!" "Pray for the rain to stop!"

And yet, with the world and weather in chaos and my heart filled with worry. The messages I see and hear from these family and friends are filled with humor, love, hope, and peace.

Why? Why, when their worlds as they know it burn down or flood are they so calm?

Prayer. God. Love. Service.

All I can do from where I sit is pray. Constantly. For these people I love. And what I hear from them is. "Thank you for your prayers. They have truly been felt and we have seen miracles."

And that is really all that can be said. God hears. He answers. And amidst the chaos, He will send peace and love. He will send angels and you will witness miracles.

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